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vegetarian recipes


Drumstick: 15 to 20 pieces
coconut milk:1cup
turmeric powder:1/2tsp
salt to taste
onion:1/2(big size, cut to long strips)
sambar powder:1 tsp
curry leaves

#boil the drumstick in water, half cook the drumstick, remove from water and keep it aside.
#along with the drumstick add turmeric and salt while boiling
#in a kadai add some oil, when hot add mustard seeds, and curry leaves
#add onions and fry till golden brown
#now add the drumstick to the onions
#if needed add some salt
#add the coconut milk to the drumstick and allow it to cook
#see to it that the drumsticks are cooked well
#remove from flames and serve it with kozhambu and rice
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At 4:36 PM, Blogger Foodie's Hope said...

Mouthwatering food there! A great change from all those sweets.YUM!!    

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous jayakarthik said...

thank you asha    

At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Priya S&S said...

I remember my mom making a similar type of curry with drumsticks , dunno if she add coconut milk but tastes great.
You recipe seems to be easy !    

At 1:28 PM, Anonymous jayakarthik said...

some use to add brinjal to this (my mom use to add)
since i hate brinjal i didnt add them    

At 1:40 PM, Anonymous saravanan said...

simple and easy to prepare i guess, thanks for the recipe jaya    

At 1:14 PM, Anonymous jayakarthik said...

thank you saravanan.ofcourse it is simple and easy to prepare, except for extracting coconut milk;)    

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