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vegetarian recipes

CARROT HALWA ( serving amount:5)

carrot:2 ( medium size)
milk:2 cups
turmeric powder:a pinch
or saffron
sugar:2 cups
ghee:1 Tbsp

#peel and shred the carrot .
#take a kadai , heat a tablespoon of ghee
fry the cashews, and keep it aside.
#add milk to the kadai n allow it to boil.
#when it boils add the shredded carrot to the milk and keep stirring it under low flame.
#when the carrot becomes mushy add the ghee along with cashew and keep stirring.
#add the cardamom , and safron or turmeric powder and keep stirring.
#when the milk becomes half the amount add the sugar and keep stirring.
#after 10 to 15 mins the consistency changes to halwa, leaving the sides of the kadai.
#remove from the heat and enjoy the carrot halwa.
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